More Knowledge

Makiaris Media provides comprehensive media consulting services, including research, analysis, planning, buying, placement and post-buy follow-up in all media. Our staff is armed with the most current research tools and analysis software. In contrast to many of our competitors, Makiaris maintains these resources in house, complemented by the unique analysis and targeting capabilities of proven digital vendors. As a result, we leverage the latest technology to seize the best opportunities with online, mobile and digital applications – always negotiating from a position of knowledge.

More Value

Makiaris Media develops value-added promotions supplementing clients’ schedules with thousands of dollars of bonus space and airtime, elevating the reach and frequency of clients’ schedules at no additional cost. Our deep experience in negotiating trade for added exposure delivers extended budgets and scheduling, far beyond the cash campaign. At Makiaris, we never stop negotiating for more!

Our unique approach allows us to:
  • Impart a thorough, accurate understanding of campaign goals and objectives to media sales people
  • Exert a high degree of control over schedules
  • Keep abreast of market changes and unique media opportunities through direct contact with sales reps
  • Select the most effective media mix in each market for laser focus on the target audience.

We work directly with the creative team to ensure optimal integration of the creative message with the media plan. Makiaris Media also works in concert with public relations teams to maximize and blend paid media exposure with public relations.