Better Media Intelligence = Better Marketing Results

Since 1980, Makiaris Media has exceeded client expectations in virtually every business category.
Here are just a few examples.


  • Build overall ridership, with emphasis on lighter travel Monday-Thursday period
  • Identify and test potential expansion market(s) for incremental growth
Action Plan

To increase overall ridership:

  • Applied the perfect mix of television, radio, print and online to drive increased traffic to brand website
  • Leveraged cash schedule, secured trade dollars to stretch paid schedule for 33% more exposure
  • Used added value promos to expand exposure another 30%

To increase overall ridership:

  • Cross-promoted with Makiaris client Burger King/Connecticut (BK)
  • Discount weekday Island Express coupons distributed at BK locations, including POS signage
  • Radio spots tagged, driving traffic into BK locations for coupons

To test expansion markets:

  • Used in-house research tools to identify best prospects by geography and income
  • Implemented targeted digital campaign, including Ad Exchange, Pandora Radio and local news site
  • Measured and optimized in real time

4.5% bump in overall ridership, including incremental traffic on weekdays and from expansion markets



Build awareness and create a stir about new Jet Blue® routes from BDL to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale

  • Media Goal: 75% Reach/15 Frequency
Action Plan

90-Day Blitz:

  • Broad reach
  • :04 second “billboard” spot made the point, allowed strong frequency
  • 30% added exposure due to negotiated bonus spots


  • In-house research tools allowed cross-tabbing station ratings with lifestyle criteria to optimize buys
  • Beyond paid schedules – bonus spots, high frequency promos, station websites, on-air interviews
  • 54% added value

Digital Outdoor

  • Lighted boards 24-7 on major interstates
  • Relevant and timely, thanks to frequent digital board updates
  • Negotiated 30% off rate card


  • Targeted by geo, demo and behavioral
  • Measurable results
  • Click through rate 40% over national average

Many flights on the new routes were sold out on a daily basis.
Total campaign negotiated added value: + 40% of the paid schedule



Introduce the QuikClot® line of products as a revolutionary hemostatic agent used to stop bleeding and save lives.

Action Plan

Analyze market and media opportunities for product launch, then evolve the plan for product advancements and new audiences/channels

  • Used B2B publications to reach decision makers in the military market
  • Expanded program to reach law enforcement and Homeland Security markets
  • Negotiated same rates for five years
  • Created a co-op advertising program for distributors
  • Extended reach and impact of paid schedule with added value opportunities:
    • White papers
    • Targeted E-blasts
    • Editorial opportunities
    • Premium positions at no charge
    • Bonus ads
    • Speaking engagements at key conferences/events
    • Added value example: ACEP (American College of Emergency Room Physicians) Doctor’s Bag Program:
      A customized message from QuikClot® was delivered to attendees’ hotel rooms the night before the start of the conference.

QuikClot Combat Gauze® became the only hemostatic dressing recommended for tactical combat care by the U.S. Military.
Today, QuikClot® products are available to consumers through retailers such as Cabela’s.


  • Proactively evaluate opportunistic media to seize “best fit” for client’s objective
  • Negotiate extreme added value to maximize each recommended opportunity
Action Plan

Review, evaluate and improve a sponsorship proposal for a new morning newscast on a network affiliate, specifically the newscast’s Health Report segment.

Original package offer:

  • Two :30 second spots per day Monday – Friday, 6 am – 8 am time period
  • One sponsorship billboard each day
  • 100 promotional announcements naming the client as a sponsor of the Health Report

Makiaris recognized the perfect fit for client UConn Health, especially since its brand attributes like cutting edge technology, world-renowned doctors, innovative treatments, and patients’ personal triumphs could be showcased in a non-traditional message format.


Approved negotiated package:

  • One :30 second spot per day Monday – Friday, 6 am – 8 am
  • One sponsorship billboard each day
  • 60 second vignettes talking about the Center’s technology, doctors, treatments and personal stories
  • Airing of the vignettes over a nine-month period
  • First consideration of UConn Health for spokesperson opportunities re: health-related stories
  • Exposure on the network affiliate website with links to the Health Center’s website, content and video from news stories done with the station
  • Medical Awareness Campaign on-air and online (e.g. Women’s Cancer Prevention Month)
All at the same dollar figure as the original proposal.

The successful sponsorship was renewed for four additional years with the following enhancements at no additional cost:

  • Microsite exclusively for UConn Health on the network affiliate website with links, interviews, vignettes, event listings at the Center, and the Center’s online creative
  • Bi-monthly in-studio interviews/news stories featuring doctors, patients and the latest in innovative  treatments and technology at the Health Center
  • Sponsorship by the station and on-air promotion of a UConn Health fundraiser/event, hosted by the  on-air talent of the AM News.